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Founded in partnership with NASA

CTTi's technology commercialization roots were established in August 1998 when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona signed a cooperative agreement to establish the NASA Commercialization Center (NCC). The goal was to develop facilities and programs that would contribute to the success of emerging companies commercializing NASA technology.

Early Results Led to Expansion

Strong early results led to a broadened scope that reached out to all emerging companies with promising technology. Partners that made this possible include Economic Development Administration in the U.S. Department of Commerce, the California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency, U.S. Department of Labor, Southern California Edison and the College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona.


Today, CTTi is the unique entrepreneurial anchor of Cal Poly Pomona's business/research park, Innovation Village; offering emerging to medium-size companies the opportunity to lease office and wetlab space designed to expand with company growth; and providing unparalleled access to experts and unique collaborating opportunities. 

Access to Resources

Tenants find being located in a business/research park on a college campus creates collaborating opportunities and surrounds a company with an infrastructure onlyenjoyed by the large business community.

Through these activities and more, CTTi has proven to be a strategic partner driving the rapid growth of companies, boasting impressive annual growth rates per tenant.


Founding Sponsors Sponsor - Nasa Sponsor - US EDA

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