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Man holding Plans at SCE

Red Cross Employee

Red Cross Employee using Microsope

Approved Uses

A. Statement of Intent

The vision of the Park is to serve both private industry and the University as a synthesizer of new talent, discipline, research and discovery, and to develop collaborations that yield new growth and opportunities.

This Declaration, an excerpt from the statement of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) seeks to encourage development of facilities that will house such activities as:

  • Research and development
  • Applications employing high ratios of employees working in the sciences and engineering fields of instruction offered at the University
  • Applications employing high percentages of total facilities’ areas equipped with wet laboratories, analytic, measuring, sensing and testing machinery
  • Applications that commit new infrastructure that will benefit the long-term practical and scientific needs of the Park and the University
  • Long-term commitments to programs for internships for undergraduate and graduate students
    Joint research programs with the University
  • Corporate and regional headquarters
  • Classrooms, lecture halls, study and laboratory

B. Uses Permitted

Only the following operations and uses shall be permitted on any Lot, within any Improvement and within the Project:

  • Laboratories wet and dry; facilities for basic and applied research; testing; information processing; offices and support thereof
  • Design, development, and fabrication and assembly of prototype production; research-based production of limited production of latest evolution products
  • Pilot plants in which either processes or products planned for production elsewhere can be assembled, fabricated, tested, measured, monitored, and otherwise evaluated as part of the pre-production research studies
  • Corporate and regional headquarters with the condition that there be a commitment to incorporating no fewer than two (2) University intern students annually or partnering with the University in other acceptable programs each year
  • General offices, professional, commercial, personal, and retail services in full or partial support of any uses permitted in subsections 1 through 4 above, including food services, accounting and banking facilities, venture capital companies, post office and mailing or courier centers, training services, day care, legal and medical or health services facilities, and dry cleaning and laundry services provided there be no on-site plant or other chemical processes
  • Support and incidental operations required to maintain or enable any use permitted in subsections 1 through 5 above, such as power plants, waste water treatment facilities, water pumping stations and valves, electrical transformers, waste collection facilities
  • Common Area improvements and facilities, support services and infrastructure
  • Any other uses reasonably related to the intended character of the Park, provided the same are first fully authorized in writing by Lessor